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After many years of debating about starting a blog, and following amazing people and their experiences, I decided to start my own blog so I can share my adventures with you! My goal is for my blog to constantly change and grow as I learn more about blogging, marriage, life, travel, entrepreneurship, coaching, and self-help. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy creating it. If you ever have any questions please feel free to ask! I love to hear from you so leave me comments of your thoughts about my blog posts. Enjoy!

About Vanessa Fondeur-Adams

I am a Latina entrepreneur and former educator for 10 years. I’m a self-proclaimed bon vivant and global citizen with visits to 29 countries in 6 continents, and 33 U.S. States under my belt. I curate immersive cultural trips around the world, host self-improvement, and social events, and have an insatiable appetite for living the next best experience! I love luxury – even if I cannot always afford it. I enjoy sparkling wines, a nice cup of tea, tasting menus, and an interesting scoop of ice cream. Consider me as the adventurous travel foodie buddy you have not met yet!

Most Recent News

I got married in 2018 in Phuket, Thailand to the most wonderful man in the world, Jaramogi, whom you will get to know through my posts and social media feed. Our wedding is featured here and all the details that went into making our dreams a reality. Soon after we became first time homeowners. We decided to renovate the apartment to make it our own. The stories I wil share about that ordeal! I also embarked in a new adventure with my startup company Latino World Travelers, LLC. and he got accepted into the MSx Program at Stanford University.  To read about our adventures traveling around the world or indulging in gastronomic experiences, our journey with our new cozy home, life as entrepreneur and student of the world, and more, I highly encourage you to check my blog. ¡Nos fuimos!

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