American Dining with a twist

Last night, we went to the Feathered Fox, a steakhouse, sushi restaurant & lounge located in Livingston, New Jersey. Its Executive Chef Chris Siversen is one of the most celebrated chefs in NJ and he introduces you to classic American dishes with surprising twists that we enjoyed alongside creative cocktails. 

Good decisions were made for sure last night. Get ready for this crave-able dinner! #eatwithvanessa the #foodcationqueen 


The menu had many choices, and it was really hard to decide. This is what we ended up ordering: 

To start, I got a Fox & Vixen with gin, black tea honey syrup, combier creme de peche, rockeys milk punch, fresh lemon juice, bitter truth creole bitters, and Jaramogy ordered a drink off the meny with mezcal since he likes the smokiness. 


As an appetizer, Broiled Oysters with bacon, leeks, and cream were perfect to open up our palate. 



Next… it’s time for sushi! We ordered the most expensive sushi on the menu, which cost a whooping $55 for 1 roll. It jus seemed irresistible when we read it and in fact, it was!! The Foxy Roll had miyazaki wagyu steak, and lobster tail tempura with a special sauce, and scallion. It literally melted in our mouth. We sprinkled a bit of lemon on top. Mama Mia! It was delicious. 


As a main, we decided to share a steak – a 20 oz Dry Aged Bone-In Ribeye. Because who comes to a steak house and doesn’t order steak? Not us!  Slice it up, please! We love bone-in steaks because they are just juicier. The rub of salt and pepper was perfect for that steak. As sides, we ordered the Roasted Mushrooms with thyme, and shallots, as well as the Mashed Potato Rings with grainy mustard fondue. Have your mouth melted yet? Ours definitely did!


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Well. leave space for dessert. First of all, they had so many choices. It was very hard to choose. We ordered the Riesling Pear Bread Pudding with maple crème fraîche ice cream, ginger caramel sauce, and cardamom crumble, and the Baked Alaska with watermelon ice cream, lemon cake, goat cheese white chocolate sauce, coconut crumble, as an homage to our most recent trip to Alaska. 

Lastly. the restaurant has a variety of seasonal homemade ice creams and sorbets. I really wanted to taste the coconut guava swirl, so I ordered a scoop! 


The restaurant has an eclectic, and unique atmosphere. Absolutely loved the combination of the mustard, dark teal, and black colors. The decor is minimalistic but modern. The dimmed lights made it very romantic, and the lighting fixtures themselves were simply awesome. 

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Also, check out their private dining options if you have a special celebration coming up with 10+ people. 


We like to try a variety of dishes when we dine out to determine if it is a restaurant we will come back or not. We refer to the restaurants as one-way ticket or round-trip ticket. Disclaimer: We did not eat all of this food in one sitting We normally eat half and take the other half home. Our decision is based on what we think won’t spoil if we were to refrigerate it and eat it as leftovers the next day.  

What dish did you like the most from this restaurant? Let me know below in the comments!

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