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A Butterfly's Story

As a Dominican woman with a first name that means butterfly in Greek and a last name that is as French as the province of Champagne, I was destined with my bubbly personality to never sit still.

A Lion's Story

Jaramogi Kareem Adams (my husband) was born in a small South Carolina town called Rock Hill. His journey would begin the moment his mother named him. Jaramogi in ki-swahili means “one who travels often.” Kareem is Arabic for Honorable/Generous. 

How We Met

They say all it takes is the smallest of irritant inside the mantle of an oyster to create a pearl. In a shell (pun intended), that is the basis for how our two worlds became one! October 2014 is when the ball got rolling on what is now our marriage.

Our Engagement Story

When I met Vanessa, through random (but not so random) conversations, she told me that whoever proposed to her would have to get her mother’s and older brother’s permission. With that advice as the backdrop, our engagement story begins about 5 months before Vanessa’s involvement. 

Our Breathtaking Destination Wedding VIDEO

Our wedding was a dream! We were beyond excited to get married in Phuket, Thailand in February 2018. All because it was on my vision board, and I said, “Why not? Let’s #ThaiTheKnot.” 

American Dining with a Twist

Last night, we went to the Feathered Fox, a steakhouse, sushi restaurant & lounge located in Livingston, New Jersey.  Its executive chef Christ Siversen is one of the most celebrated chefs in N.J. and he introduces you to classic American dishes with surprising twists that we enjoyed alongside creative cocktails. 

En este episodio Vanessa te invita a descubrir el mundo desde una perspectiva única. Vanessa, una disruptora, creadora de comunidad y empresaria guiada por su alma, comparte su pasión por los viajes y cómo ha creado la comunidad Latino World Travelers para celebrar la diversidad y el intercambio cultural.

Per Se

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